The Kreativ Homes Advantage

As the Region’s Only All-Inclusive Builder, Kreativ Homes Offers Things Other Builders & Manufacturers Won’t Even Consider…

At Kreativ Homes, we promise is to deliver a system-built, modular home building experience like no other builder can… we promise to deliver peace of mind, as well as a new home customized to your personal style, taste and needs.

Most builders will simply tell you to look at their models and pick a favorite. The problem with that approach is that you can have 100 floor plans to pick from, but none of them may be your perfect match. That’s not peace of mind… that’s setteling.

At Kreativ Homes, we won’t settle, nor will we ask you to settle. That is our Peace of Mind Guarantee in a nutshell, a guarantee we honor by delivering…

1. Kreativ Homes Offers Construction Loans

Can other builders or manufacturers help you with construction loans or provide the loan outright so you don’t have to come up with 20 – 30% down? No, but Kreativ Homes can. If you already own the land, we can use that as collateral for the construction loan as well.

2. Kreativ Homes Can Work with All Loan Types

184, VA, USDA, FHA, Conventional… We’re also more than happy to introduce you to the right lender to get you approved for a budget that works.

3. Kreativ Homes Provides Comprehensive General Contractor Services

We set up the entire modular process from start to finish! Other builders and manufacturers require YOU to find all the trades and then make sure they show up, have insurance, are reputable, know all the building codes, know all the zoning, know how to schedule so it gets done on time, understand the entire timeline to get it all set up and then the time to make sure it all gets done, the inspections, getting over-charged because there were things you never knew about, having to be go after each person if they do the work wrong, making sure all the supplies are ordered and there is enough… the list of potential errors is long, but Kreativ Homes handles it all as your general contractor.

4. Kreativ Homes is Realtor Friendly

If you prefer to work with a realtor — though not required — we welcome that and will include your realtor in every step of the process.

5. Kreativ Homes Even Has Realtors on Staff

We can help you find land, do market analysis and help sell your existing home… again, all within the timeline that fits your build schedule.

6. Kreativ Homes is a True One-stop Shop for Modular, Manufactured and Traditional Stick-built Homes.

You don’t need to visit several builders, each specializing in something different. We can analyze all your options at one place, saving you frustration and time. We will be honest about each option and provide our opinions on what the best fit may be for you and your needs.

7. Kreativ Homes Offers a Peace of Mind Guarantee

No other builder or manufacturer offers any sort of guarantee.

8. Kreativ Homes Follows a Structured Build Process, Keeping You in the Loop at Every Stage.

We will have an actual build process that will keep you informed at all times, as well as a comprehensive step-by-step process of what to expect and when. If you like staying informed about your build and not find yourself guessing about how it’s progressing, Kreativ Homes gives you that peace of mind.

9. Kreativ Homes Offers an 11-month Complimentary Touch-up.

Again, nobody else offers this advantage. We feel it is very important to get one last touch up to make sure you are happy with your new home. Our in-house warranty team … we’re the only ones who have one! And we’re proud to offer that additional peace of mind.

Custom Homes in central North Dakota.

No matter what type of home you want, what budget you're working with or what timeline you're on, Kreativ Homes — and our parent company, Verity Homes — can deliver. From affordable modular homes to traditional stick-built custom builds, we will create the perfect home on time and on budget. Give us a call to start going through some options!