At Kreativ Homes, we promise is to deliver a system-built, modular home building experience like no other builder can… we promise to deliver peace of mind, as well as a new home customized to your personal style, taste and needs.

Most builders will simply tell you to look at their models and pick a favorite. The problem with that approach is that you can have 100 floor plans to pick from, but none of them may be your perfect match. That’s not peace of mind… that’s setteling.

At Kreativ Homes, we won’t settle, nor will we ask you to settle. That is our Peace of Mind Guarantee in a nutshell, a guarantee we honor by delivering…

A Stress-free Experience

Building your new home will be one of the biggest financial investments you ever make, but it should not be stressful. At Kreativ Homes, we have developed a personal guided process that allows you to create a home that meets your needs without feeling rushed or pressured. You will work one-on-one with a new home specialist from day one till closing. Your questions will always be welcomed, and we promise to give you a stress free experience.

Open and Honest Communication

We believe in open and honest communication. Sounds simple enough, but we’ve found it to be a rare commitment these days. If we don’t, we give you the power to call us out on it. In fact, we believe so strongly in treating you like the adult you are, we’ve created our own set of standards called “The Kreativ Homes Rules of Engagement” that governs how we communicate with our customers. It’s an adult agreement that promises three things:

  • Honesty Over Ego
  • Transparency Over Confusion
  • Reality Over Fantasy

Building a new home is a complex process. There is lots of room in this business for ego, hidden mistakes, confusing jargon and general shadiness. We are not that builder. We promise to always be honest with you, and we expect the same level of honesty (brutal as it may be) from you.

Your New Home On Time and On Budget

We’re building your home… for you… with your budget and your timeline in mind. When you build with Kreativ Homes, you get a home customized just for you, your budget and your desired move-in date. We promise to keep our collective feet planted firmly in reality so no surprises pop up, no budgets get blown and no deadlines get missed. Between the two of us, the only thing that can get in our way is Mother Nature (and our Midwest weather).

Custom Homes in central North Dakota.

No matter what type of home you want, what budget you're working with or what timeline you're on, Kreativ Homes — and our parent company, Verity Homes — can deliver. From affordable modular homes to traditional stick-built custom builds, we will create the perfect home on time and on budget. Give us a call to start going through some options!